Production Line
BWIN PRECISION TOOLS(SHENZHEN)CO.,LTD.(hereinafter referred to as BWIN company)
is located in Songgang Industrial Zone-Shenzhen City-the largest tungsten carbide products manufacture
center in Asia.
BWIN company has advanced production technology, a strong scientific research and development team,
modern standard indexable insert production line, CNC turning tool bar production line, overall Carbide
end mill production line, PVD coating production line, and established a research and development center
integrating scientific research and application research.

BWIN company specializes in providing customers with various marking and non-standard PVD and CVD coatings, high-precision turning, milling, parting, drilling, grooving and threading of carbide, cermet and aluminum inserts. 1-bit CNC inserts and supporting high-precision cutting tools, and are equipped with corresponding chip-breaking grooves suitable for finishing, semi-finishing and roughing of various processing materials. Support OEM/ODM customization, you only need to provide the design drawings of the product, we will provide you with an overall tool processing plan, and escort your production needs!


BWIN company attaches great importance to product innovation and research and development, and invests a lot in research and development every year, and has achieved excellent results. The company has successively introduced advanced testing equipment such as German five-axis advanced grinding machine equipment, Saili coating machine, Zoller G3 testing equipment, Swiss high-quality Balzers coating technology and Japanese Keyence, as well as excellent stamping machines, high vacuum For sintering furnace, in addition to complete machining equipment, we also have close cooperation with domestic and foreign manufacturers of high-quality tungsten steel raw materials, and the quality of products is guaranteed by both raw materials and technology. We have complete, advanced and efficient production equipment. The factory produces 24 hours a day without interruption, with a monthly output of more than 300,000 pieces. At the same time, the company has passed the ISO9001:2015 quality system certification to ensure product quality and delivery.