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Quality Control:
1. The tungsten steel raw material enters the mill to be ground into powder, and after drying, it is sent to the laboratory for quality inspection.
2. The tested powder is added with a binder and put into a press with a pressure of up to 12T for pressing and molding. Each blade is weighed and randomly checked by the operator according to the regulations.
3. The pressed blade is put into the sintering furnace for 1500°C high-temperature hardening treatment, which takes 13 hours.
4. Grinding it with 150 million tiny process diamond grinding wheels to achieve fine and consistent size, groove and tolerance
5. Most of the blades need to be coated, and the imported Balzers coating process is used to make the performance of the blades more stable Throughout the entire process, the blades are regularly inspected in the laboratory and undergo a manual inspection before being laser marked and packaged for shipment.