Would you choose a U-drill???

May 11, 2023

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Model Selection Instructions

Drilling depth (effective blade length)=drilling diameter * multiple, 3D is 3 times

For example, if your drilling diameter is 21 and the drilling depth is 60,

Depth 60 ÷ 21 ≈ 2.8 times, need to choose 3 times

Because a maximum drilling depth of 3 times can reach 3 * 21=63, which can meet the requirement of 60 depths.

Then you can choose the option within the range of [3D diameter 20.5-25].


   Have you learned how to select the specifications of U-drills? If you have learned, please come and place an order with us as soon as possible. If you haven't learned, it's okay. You can come and consult us, and we will provide you with suitable specifications of U drills according to your processing needs.