Precautions for use of tungsten carbide inserts

November 26, 2022

Latest company news about Precautions for use of tungsten carbide inserts

The characteristics of the tungsten carbide material itself determine the importance of the safe operation of the tungsten carbide foot cutting machine blade. Before installing the blade, take protective measures to avoid unnecessary personal and property losses caused by the falling of the blade.


A. Hearing inspection: When installing the blade, please carefully lift the blade with the index finger of your right hand and make the blade hang in the air, then gently tap the blade body with a wooden hammer, and listen to the sound on the blade body with your side ears. For example, if the blade emits a dullness, experience has proved that the blade body has often been damaged by external force and has cracks and damages. This kind of blade shall be prohibited immediately. Do not use the foot cutter blade that emits voiced sound!


B. Blade installation:

a. Before installing the blade, please carefully clean the dust, chips and other sundries on the mounting surface of the rotary bearing of the foot cutting machine in advance to keep the bearing mounting surface and the foot cutting machine clean.

b. Carefully and stably place the blade on the mounting surface of the bearing, and manually rotate the foot cutter bearing to align it with the blade center automatically.

c. 2. Install the cutter block on the foot cutter blade and align the bolt hole with the bolt hole on the foot cutter bearing.

d. 3. Install the hexagonal socket bolts, and use the hexagonal socket wrench to tighten the screws to firmly install the blade on the bearing.

e. 4. The blade shall be free of looseness and deflection after installation.


C. Safety protection: After the blade is installed, before starting the foot cutting machine, the safety protective cover and other protective devices on the foot cutting machine must be installed in place and play a real role in protection (the blade working room on the foot cutting machine should be equipped with safety baffles, steel plates, rubber and other protective layers).


D. Running speed: the working speed of the foot cutting machine shall be limited to 4500 rpm. It is strictly forbidden to operate the foot cutting machine beyond the speed limit!


E. Test machine: After the blade is installed, it should run for 5 minutes without load, and carefully observe and listen to the operating condition of the foot cutting machine. It is absolutely not allowed to have obvious looseness, vibration and other abnormal sounds (such as obvious axial and end face runout of the foot cutting machine bearing). In case of any abnormal phenomenon, stop the vehicle immediately and ask professional maintenance personnel to check the cause of the fault. After confirming that the fault is completely eliminated and normal, it can be used.


F. In the cutting process, please push the PCB to be cut at a constant speed, and do not push the PCB too fast. When the circuit board collides with the blade violently, the blade will be damaged (collapse and crack), and even serious safety accidents will occur.


G. Storage method of blade: It is forbidden to write or mark on the blade with an electric engraving pen or other scratch methods to prevent damage to the blade body. The blade of the foot cutting machine blade is extremely sharp, but very fragile. To avoid injury to personnel or accidental damage to the blade, do not touch people or other hard metal objects with the blade. The blades to be used shall be properly kept and stored by special personnel, and shall not be put aside randomly to prevent the blades from being damaged or causing accidents.


The premise of production efficiency is also safe operation. The cutting operator must follow the relevant use requirements to make the foot cutter blade work safely on the foot cutter.